First Post: My Brief Manifesto

I intended to begin and maintain a blog for a long time… and now, and I finally getting to it! My goal here is to record my thoughts and experiences with the deployment of Office365, Azure and other technologies. The main purpose of all this is shellfish on one level: if I don’t write this stuff down, I’ll forget it! Also, I hope that I can provide some value to the community of IT folks who work with these technologies as well. I have certainly gleaned more than my fair share of tips and techniques from other blogs, so I hope to get to the point where others are able to use this blog as a resource as well. That seems a long ways off, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

So a little background on me. In my current role, I am a consultant who works mostly with clients who are in the initial phases of deploying Office365. I get into technologies such as directory synchronization, ADFS, Exchange, Skype for Business, Office Pro Plus and on and on. I chose the name “Mostly Cloudy” for the title of this blog as a representation of the hybrid model that most companies I work with are adopting. These companies are moving some services to the cloud while retaining others on premises. I chose “Mostly Cloudy” over “Partly Cloudy” because it implies that more services would be hosted in the cloud than on premises, and that means more work for me!


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